Ernst Ruppert



1964: Glider-Pilot
1966: Privat Pilot
1967: Glider Instructor
Building Experimental-Aircrafts from 1972 to 2010
1978: Hangglider-License  for rigidwings  (Canard)
Testpilot of some Canard-Type Experimental Aircrafts
2003: Founder und Owner of „Ruppert-Composite GmbH
Father of Roger, the designer of the „ Archaeopteryx“

2011: Hangglider-Licens for Archaeopteryx
2013: Start with flying Competitions in Preworld Annecy
2014: World Hanggliding Competition Annecy
2015: 1st Southern Alps Big Tasks Aspres
2016: 2nd Southern Alps Big Tasks Aspres and Pre World
2017 expecting some big and remarkable experience in the southern Alps