Southern ALPS HG Open

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ADPUL is organising an international HG competition in the Southern Alps.

This competition will be  FAI  Category 2 sanctioned.  It will run from May 05 to May 13 on the two sites: Laragne-Chabre and St André-les-Alpes 

This is a major initiative for ADPUL and an exceptional event for the region. 

We have received permission to proceed from the "Comité National Delta de la FFVL". This competition will form part of the official FFVL Calendar for 2018 and is already registered as a FAI Cat2. 

The organisers are requesting support from various parties in the PACA Region, and local clubs will be contributing towards the event.  

ADPUL will continue to develop its activities in the Southern Alps with the aim of becoming an important contributor to the  local economy and the development of airsports tourism.

The competition

The main target of this competition is to provide our pilots with the best opportunities to fly in the Southern Alps. The tasks will be around 80 to 150 km (even more if the conditions are good) and of course performance will be measured by flight time. We will use a tracking system to follow the pilots during flights

We will use trackers (Flymaster 360) and probably Airtribune. To see how trackers work, see last year’s event, where we used:  // 

The competition is designed to bring together the best national and international pilots and will be open to Hang Gliders in Class1, Class5 and Sport Class.

We will follow the CIVL Section 7 rules as far as possible.  More details will follow soon. 

The program


  • May 5 : 
    registrations, pilot welcome  in Laragne (Camping de Laragne-Montéglin).  Introduction to cross country flying in the area, covering Southern Alps aerology, plus Pilot and Safety Briefings and Practice/Training task .
  • May 6 to 8 : 3 days of competition
  • May 9 to May 12: we start for 4 days competition in St André-les-Alpes
  • May 12: Results presentation and Prize giving starting 6pm 

A typical day of competition:

  • 9:30 am - Pilot briefing : weather, tasks potential of the day, etc.…
  • 10:30 am – Travel to launch site
  • 12:00 am – Task briefing
  • End of afternoon: pilots arrival at goal 



You can register on the website of the FFVL:

  • Entry fee of 110 euros - Fees go up 30 euros 21 days before the start of the comp - As soon as the registration is complete you will receive a mail with the details for the payment.

The competition will be split into two rounds : 

  • First round will be from 6th May to 8th May in Laragne Montéglin.
  • Second round will be from 10th May to 13th May in Saint André les Alpes.

* Note: Scores from valid tasks in both rounds will count towards the final results.

To register for only one of the rounds, you can contact:

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