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Electricty power starts to get very popular and the aeronautical domain take benefits from this new technological enhancements. Energy efficiency in electric motor systems is a must today and will help us to keep our environment and nature clean. Light, compact, efficient, clean, less noisy, a lot of positive arguments. The best and common used source of energy is provided with a LI-Ion battery, whose price seems rhedibitoire. Take it as an investment which is damped whenever it is load.

The e-Pegase project is a major transformation within ULM NORD LORRAINE (Ultralight motorized flying school)//www.ulmnordlorraine.fr. The project is to equip the school with electric motorized Ultralight.

This ecological transformation is from a practical point of view a step forward to autonomy. Flying electric will reduce the level of noises, reduce CO2 emissions, and will give to our pilots much more possibilities of training in flat land.

ADPUL is associated in the project and will support the e-Pegase Challenge: from May 18 to August 05 2018 . **The final date of this challenge is reported on September 20 (start of the Coupe Icare). The weather conditions this year made it difficult to find an appropriate window to fly this tasks, let's see if end of July and August will bring us the right weather! 

This ambitious challenge consist of flying with e-utralight glider over the entirety of the ALPS for about 1000 km. The electric motor will just be allowed to launch for a given period. The flight will be only driven by solar energy the wheater will provide this days and generating the thermal and dynamic ascendances we are looking for.

The distance is important and we will probably not be able to flight in one shot, best is two days. First probably from Southern ALps in France up to East of Switzerland and then Switzerland over Austria to Slovenia. Great isn't it?

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