Wednesday 2nd August: Pilots arriving in goal and a winner so cool!

It took Manfred Ruhmer (AUT) just under 5 hours to complete this 319km task, the longest of the competition so far.  "Oh, it was too easy," he teased. "But that's easy to say in hindsight, for sure.  Under 5 hours is actually pretty good," he added modestly.  He said conditions were good, a little windy in places but very good thermals.  Arriving second in goal was Jacques Bott (FRA) with a big smile.  "You normally only get climbs like we had today under cu nims," he said.  "And the strongest climbs were the smoothest," he added. Today's skies saw some cumulus, but nothing towering, and some areas were completely blue.  "I was very happy to make a 300+km task," Jacques concluded.

Meanwhile, Steve Cox (SUI) was not quite so happy.  He prefers shorter tasks with more side by side racing and more pilots!  "The start is always exciting as we are altogether," he said, "but then we are all spread out, and flying cross country on our own!"

Franz Pacheiner (AUT) came into goal with a different story: "I found it rather challenging today.  I missed the start, and then could not get to the top of the climb on Pic du Bure, so I was too low to follow the main group east of Gap.  I had to go to the west side.  It was slower.  Again, by the time I got to Malaup, the thermal was not so good.  Then 20km before the Beynes turnpoint I saw Mandi, Jacques and Steve on their way back north, so I knew I was already 40km behind."

In Class 5, four pilots have already landed, and at least four pilots have landed out.  Check the results later for the final outcome.