Ultralight gliders with ADPUL at Belfort Chaux


Ultralight meeting by ADPUL at Belfort-Chaux.

The annual meeting of Ultralight gliders organised by ADPUL is taking place from May 4th to May 12th at the Belfort-Chaux airfield. A well organized event with the help of the local flying Club ABVV.  The weather is not the best but we could already flight 3 day's.

A total of  9 Swiftlights and 2 Archaeopterix, one trike to tow. 

15 pilots came to participate for a very busy day: school in the mornig, briefing gliders at the end of the morning and free flying in the afternoon, to continue again with some training in the evening. 

On Sunday 05 the Vosges were middle in the rain (a few kms north from airfield). However we could fly with a moderate NE wind, a 1600 m cloud base and no opportunities to enter the mountains.  Monday it was slightly better, slow wind from SW. The launches happenned late in the middle of the afternoon and the mountains remained unreachable, some pilots flew to the South and made some 100 kms out and back. 

The best day was yesterday Tuesday 07 with a cloud base around 2400 m and a weak wind from SE, South over 1800 m and SW over 2000m. Some good flights were done up to the North near Haut-Koenisgburg in the Vosges with a rapid return back to Belfort. Imagine the surprise of the few paragliders we met and with whom we turned in thermals. Probably never seen so many ultralights gliders in the Vosges.

The second part of the week will depend of the weather conditions, it is forseen to fly Friday. 

The best performance the day: Jacques Bott 957b7621 igc957b7621.igc.zip (57.85 Ko)

Flight in the Vosges