Task 3,4 and 5: ALPS Big Task


August 16, 17 and 18, respectively tasks 3,4,5.  

Three complex days regarding the weather.

Task 3 from a start in La Longeagne, then Pic de Queyrel with a radius of 12 km then Col de Cabre, Cousson in the South with a radius  10 km (near Digne les Bains)and back to Aspres for the rigids in total 182 km. The class 2  prolongated to Pic de Bure, Crête des Selles, back in Aspres so in total 236 km.  Jacques won this task in class 2, I finish 2nd not being able to turn in Pic de Bure due to the rain (I had to come back using my electric motor). In classe 5, only Patrick came at the goal. Very tricky meteo condotions for this region... 

Task 4 was specialy short due to risk of thunderstorms. 137 km for the class 2 and 109 km for the rigids. I won this task in front of Jacques, Toni won just before Patrick in rigids. We came in goal just before the thunderstorms. Again a very good choice of task regarding the conditions. With Jacques we turned the circuit with an average speed of 60 km/h, a real race very close during the flight we operated two differents strategies on the last leg and it payed off for me.   

Task 5 also reduced due to weather conditions. We launched early like yesterday 11:15 for the first pilot with a start at 12:15. The circuit was a 161 km for class 2 and 133 km for class 5. Again a race to goal for all. We were obliged to stop the task on the return near Aujour due to great risks of thunderstorms on the last waypoint. I won again with some points in front of Jacques and Patrick won in class 5. Finally we could have turned the circuit, the thunderstorms didn't break down but safety is key. 

The results are online on the site f the FFVL : https://delta.ffvl.fr/node/1673

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