Task 1: 4th Southern Alps Big Task


Task 1: 4th Southern ALPS Big Task 

Weak weather conditions to start. After some logistics problems we are definitively ready around 11am. The first launch is at 11:45.

The task is a  205 km for the class 5 and 275 km for the class 2. Ambitious but possible, look at the results. 

We suggested three ranking: class5 FAI, class2 non FAI due to low number of pilots but with a specific: a mix of Swiftlight free et auxiliary electric motorisation in class2.  

The open ranking is also new. The first part of the circuit is a common portion for all classes. The class 2 will continue for an additional portion of about 25% or 30% and will be scored with a 0,83 coefficient.  

A difficult start for a first turnpoint near the Lac de Sainte Croix. The first glide after the start will ground mainly all the class 5 except Toni Ramauf. We decided with Jacques to fly first to Aujour, a real pitty. It took me one hour to survive in this area (100m over Savournon) even Jacques was in trouble there: a journee of aerologicals treasons as Jacques said.​ I flew with Toni up to the first turnpoint, we met Jacques on the return near Cousson: so for me about one hour late on the circuit. B2 Aujour puis B3 Pic de Bure et goal Aspres for the class 5, B4 for the class 2, B5 à la Crête de Selles, B6 Col de Pommerol near Rosans and  goal at Aspres. Only Jacques reach the goal, I landed in Serres between B5 e B6, I have to improve next days.  

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The results

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