Sunday 30th July - Task 3 successfully completed

Setting a pattern for this competition, Manfred Ruhmer (AUT) arrives in goal first, followed some minutes later by Steve Cox (SUI).  In third place today was Franz Pacheiner (AUT).  The weather was probably better than forecast, with some strong thermals in most areas.  But the wind was strong too, in places.  On today's task, Manfred commented: "It was good flying with Steve again today, we were together for the first half of the course.  I should have some good video of Steve flying today!"  Steve explained how Manfred got away from him on the course today: "We were approaching the turnpoint, and Manfred was about 200m higher than me.  I saw him just barely touch the turnpoint cylinder and he was in a thermal.  I arrived a little lower very shortly after and found just a windy 'hole'!"  Manfred took the lead and accelerated away while Steve hunted for the next thermal.

The battle for third place is hotting up now, as Jacques flew well today, and Franz Pacheiner (AUT) was fourth to goal and the first Archaeopteryx.  Jacques said: "It was a good task after I reached the first turnpoint."  Jacques had a technical problem shortly after being released from the tow, and had to fly back to the airfield to correct it and then re-launch.  Fortunately he was able to rejoin the other competitors waiting for the start gate to open.

The results should be out shortly as all pilots have now landed.