Saturday 5th August: Task 8 - Last task is set!

Today will be the 8th and last task of the 20th FAI World Hang Gliding Class 2 Championship.  Sunshine once again, although the wind has turned north west and is forecast to increase at the end of the day.  A task of 271km has been set, heading south to Col St Jean on Laragne-Chabre, east to Tromas, then a long into-wind leg to Taillefer, returning to Aspres via Aujour. Following yesterday's race, there is a real battle for second place between Jacques Bott (FRA) and Steve Cox (SUI), with just two points between their overall scores to date.  Gold for Manfred Ruhmer (AUT) is almost guaranteed, unless he makes a big mistake today! 

With the northerly breeze this morning, and thermals starting later, pilots will start launching at 11.30 and the race will start at 12.30.

For the Class 5 pilots, now on their fifth and final task, a reasonable 160km task is planned, flying out to the east with goal today set at Laragne-Monteglin.  The pilots will start launching at 12.00 and their race will start at 13.00.