Saturday 29th July: Task 2 at goal

Once again, it was a close race.  This time between Manfred Ruhmer (AUT) and Steve Cox (SUI), both flying Swiftlights.  Steve had a bad start, missing the start gate and having to return. "I had to play catch-up for quite a long time," he said.  But then later on the course, he started taking the direct line rather than following the others over the relief.  Steve was then well in the lead at the last turnpoint and continued on the direct line north over Sederon and Chamousse towards Aspres.  Manfred meanwhile, took a more conservative approach, flying back east and then north, taking the more familiar route over Chabre at col St Jean. Manfred climbed higher and flew faster.  Steve struggled to gain height and struggled northwards.  "Manfred overtook me at the antennas at Beaumont," Steve admitted.  "I was just pleased to make it back to goal.  At one point I thought I wouldn't make it, but the air was buoyant and I glided in!"   Manfred said the task was good, but difficult in places, making it quite a challenge.

3rd pilot into goal was Ernst Ruppert (SUI), once again the first Archaeopteryx.  He agreed that there were some difficult places on the task.  "We encountered some light rain on Montagne de Lure and then had to fly into cloud shadow, and it took quite a while to get up again."  Ernst too, struggled with the last leg, having followed the more direct line over Chamousse.  "I was looking for a landing field near Rosans, I was so low!  But somehow managed to get enough height to glide into goal."

The weather forecasts this morning seemed to be pretty accurate.  Rain showers and looming cumulus cloud could be seen north of the goal field over the higher mountains.  But only a very light shower passed over Aspres airfield. 

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