Practice Task successfully completed

All pilots are safely landed, with 7 in goal. Franz Pacheiner (AUT) arrived at the goal cylinder first on his Archaeopteryx, followed closely by Manfred Ruhmer (AUT) and Jacques Bott (FRA). The live tracking showed that Franz took a slightly different route to the two leading Swift pilots, which clearly paid off. Franz explained: “It was hard to start due to the conditions, but then it got very good. I saw the good clouds, I was high and so I took the direct route.” Local pilot, Jacques said: “It was a good task, and the weather conditions were as forecast. I arrived at the second turnpoint a little early, and it was still in shade. Half an hour later it was in sunshine and was working really well.”
The results will be out shortly, but of course, this is a Practice Task, so they don’t get counted!