Monday 31st July: Task 4 : Pilots in goal

Manfred Ruhmer (AUT) summed up today's task in a few words: "Holy Shit. You could have only done that on a Class 2 hang glider!"  The course proved to be difficult and took longer than anticipated.  The tracks show the widely differing and roundabout routes the pilots took. Manfred, for example, early on found himself on the wrong side of Pic de Bure and had to fly around the mountain to find a better route.  Later he climbed the wave to around 3600m and made up a lot of time.  Second into goal today was fellow Austrian, Franz Pacheiner on his Archaeopteryx.  At one time he was leading the race: "But I lost 40minutes making the transition back over Aspres to the 4th turnpoint."  He too, thought the task was quite special today.  3rd into goal was Jacques Bott (FRA).  "It was terribly interesting," he said.  "I would not normally have flown in these conditions, so it was a great experience for me. I'm really happy about it.  It was always safe, but it was windy in places."  Certainly the right decision was made for the Class 5 hang gliders.  These wings would not have been so happy in the winds today. 

Two pilots landed out today and one chose to land back at Aspres part way through the course.  Steve Cox (SUI) and Pascal Lanser (FRA) landed close to each other on the south side of pic de Bure, while Ernst Ruppert ducked out early.