Manfred Ruhmer Ultra-Light Glider World Champion 2017

On Sunday 6th August, the Closing Ceremony took place with the attending Local Authorities: Mrs Françoise Pinet, Mayor of Aspres sur Buech, Mr Marc Ventre vice-Président of the local council of Buech-Dévoluy", Mrs. Anne Truphéme, local councillor of Laragne",  and Mr Christian Aubert local councillor of Veynes.

Representing FAI was Mr Stéphane Malbos,  President of CIVL and President of the Jury,  Mr Jean-Louis Debiée, Vice-President of FFVL and Jean-François Fauchier : President of "Ligue PACA de Vol Libre". 

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After 8 tasks in 9 days of competition, the final outcome is that once again, the 2017 FAI World Hang Gliding Class 2 champion is Manfred Ruhmer  from Austria.

He wins ahead of  local pilot, Jacques Bott who moved into second place during the last task, and Franz Pacheiner, also from Austria, who takes the bronze medal, having flown consistently well during all the tasks . 

The CIVL President commented: "This was surely the smallest FAI World Championship, but certainly not the least, and one of the best".  He added: "The competition has been run according to the FAI rules, and the results have been verified as correct.  All tasks have been performed safely and there were no protests." 

The organisers thanked the Local Authorities and Sponsors for their support to make this competition a success.

The co-designers of the Ultra-light Gliders of the competition honored us with their presence: Roger and Ernst Ruppert for the Archaeopteryx,  Brian Porter et Steve Morris for the Swift !

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In the Class 5 competition which was running in parallel, the trophy was awarded by the Président of  regional league of the FFVL to the winner, Patrick Chopard (FRA). In second place is  Christopher Friedl (AUT), and third was Walter Geppert (AUT).

The extensive team of volunteer helpers, both on the airfield and in the office, and especially the ULM tow pilots, were recognised for their hard work and efficiency over the duration of the event.

A big thank you was given to the Meet Director, Dieter Münchmeyer from Germany, for his dedication throughout the event, for ensuring the optimum tasks for the forecast conditions were set every day, well as his attention to the safety of all during both competitions.  In return, Dieter commented that he was most impressed with the efficiency and teamwork of the organisation, making it a pleasure to work with them.

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Some of the pilots :

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