Friday 4th August: Task 7 first pilots in goal

Well! Conditions turned out much better than forecast.  No sign of showers or indeed any over development - a perfect looking cross country day!  First into goal today was super speedy Steve Cox (SUI) on his 20 year old Swift Brightstar, in just under 4hours 10minutes.  "Yes, it was faster today," he said.  "But there was a huge amount of sink in the final stretch," he added, shaking his head. Today Steve was 15km ahead of Manfred Ruhmer (AUT).  "I thought I was pretty fast, but this guy Steve has arrived in front of me again!" he jested.  "Maybe I went a litte too far west between the last two turnpoints, a little mistake maybe. But it was a very nice task in good conditions," he added.

Third to arrive in goal was Jacques Bott (FRA).  "Extraordinary and very interesting," he declared.  "I just couldn't find many good thermals, flying long stretches fast and low.  I just couldn't seem to get high."  He admitted that on the stretch between Dormillouse and the Cheval Blanc there are always thermals, and today was no different. "But I was at a decent altitude so I didn't take them, so as not to lose time!"  Jacques was amazed that the sky looked so good but for him, it did not deliver strong thermals.

Fourth into goal, Franz Pacheiner (AUT), however, found conditions pretty good.  "I got to 3700m a couple of times," he said.  But he too found a dead area when overflying Aspres towards the last turnpoint.  "Then I had to look for thermals because I was low, and it slowed me down."  Franz also identified another reason for not flying the course as quickly as he should have.  "I must pay more attention to the turnpoints and my instruments," he admitted.  "I set the course, say 20km away, and then when I get there I find I've drifted off the line a couple of kilometers and have to go find the turnpoint again.  The others obviously get it right first time!"

The Class 5 gliders were arriving at goal at around the same time today, making it more interesting for spectators. 

We will have to wait until the results are posted later to see how today's scores impact the overall classification.