Friday 28th July: Task 1: Happy pilots at goal

The first pilots arrived at goal. Manfred Ruhmer (AUT), as expected, came in first. He had been flying close to Jacques Bott (FRA) for virtually the whole flight, but clearly accelerated on the final straight. He said: “It was a very interesting flight. I’ve never been very good with instruments, and my GPS seemed to be telling me there was a problem with the start, so then it wouldn’t advance and I couldn’t fix it. So I stuck with Jacques and the others until it started working again!”
Jacques arrived at goal about the same time as Swiss pilot, Steve Cox. “There was some very smooth wave in the mountains,” he said. “Manfred and I rode the wave to 4200m, but the rate of climb declined and we could see others accelerating below, so we pulled out.”
Steve was very happy with today’s flight. “It’s been a tricky couple of days, and I bombed yesterday. I have had to get used to flying this machine again, as I haven’t flown it much in the last couple of years.”
The second Archaeopteryx into goal was Austrian, Franz Pacheiner. “It was a nice flight in good conditions, and most important, I had fun!” he said.
Now we wait for the provisional results of this first task of the 20th FAI World Championships.