Final: 4th Southern Alps Big Task


Finally a mixed results :

  • Not the best weather conditions for this period and for the region
  • 5 tasks on 7 not so bad, medium distances were flew between 100 and 280 km.
  • A few pilots but excellent spirit in the teams.
  • An experiment in class 2: been able to fly with free Swiftlights and electrical motor equiped.
  • A new concept of Open: the class 5 and 2 are running the same circuit except that the class  prolongate by 25 to 30% et get penalised by a 0,83 coefficient.
  • Ambiance was top, empowered volonteers, towing at the top, what else...
  • An adapted infrastructure: runways, club house, camping... 
  • A team: the meet director, scoring, comity of pilots with the required skills for the region and weather conditions associated.
  • Tasks systematicaly right sized considering the weather.

Results and Tracking

Everything can be find in the menus:  Results and Tracking:


LiveTrack24 & Flymaster

The tracks of the Swiflights with auxiliary motors have to prove the non use of the motor during the task. I was the only one testing a tool "Oudie iGC " sailplane version. It works prefectly with SeeYou, you can easily check the flight and I'm convince we will be able to fly motor or not in the next competitions. The Swiftlights with auxiliary motorisation are not really impacted by the extra weight (25kg more), look at the results: the Swiftlight free is more agile and precise in termals and near the roc. 

20180819 105923
20180819 105747

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    Hello to all
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