• Ultralight Gliders Meeting on Belfort-Chaux airfield (France) May 2019

    Hello Ultralight Gliders pilots !

    An Ultralight Gliders Meetingis organized on Belfort-Chaux airfield (France) from May 4th to 12th 2019.

    It is just for fly, fun and share all together….

    All types of Ultralight Gliders and all countries pilots are expected.
    Aerotowing, electric propulsion or gasoline motor takes off will be possible.
    Anyone can come from one day , few days , up to the all week. 

    The Belfort-Chaux airfield is close to Germany, Switzerland, Luxemburg, Belgium, and no so far from Italy , Austria and England.

    Thanks to the local clubs, a good logistic will be available for the pilots and their companions. (Camping on the airfield, cheap hotel and cottages renting close the airfield, club house for briefing meetings, electricity for battery and instruments charging, …)

    During an evening event, the different types of Ultralight Gliders and their performances will be presented.
    Some mornings, benji test flights will be organized for local glider pilots.

    Many nice activities possible all around the airfield and the region.

    Additional logistic details will be provided soon. So if you intend to come save the date and let me know…

    Contact :
    Michel Paté
    Belfort-Chaux Meeting organizer.
    +33 6 47 73 62 75