Challenge e-Pegase

E pegaze

The Challenge e-Pegase is taking place, it will happen from May 18 to August 05 2018. The main objective is to fly over the "Arc Alpin" from South East France to Slovenia and even more if possible. This should be done in the least of possible flights (ideally two of 500km). This challenge is very ambitious from a sporting perspective. The "Arc Alpin" is passing many montains with differents meteorological conditions and obviously the challenge will be to find teh right period to fly. The pilots will need a lot of endurance and insight to cover the task.  

It is a promotion for electric auxiliary motorisation on ultralight-gliders. The onboard technology is evolving quite fast and it is a save bet to think that expression of flying will become important in the futur.

Please embark with us on this adventure. You will find all the details on this page: e-Pegase Challenge, it contain the status of registrations and the local rules we will apply. You will be able to follow the flights with a Livetracking system, all pictures and videos will be made available on this website 

We need your support, so don't hesitate to join us by subscribing on the Newsletter of this site (in the upper left menu), enter your email and reply on the mail of validation you will receive and you will be with us.

See you soon in the air

The team of ADPUL