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  • Ultralight Gliders Meeting on Belfort-Chaux airfield (France) May 2019

    Hello Ultralight Gliders pilots !

    An Ultralight Gliders Meetingis organized on Belfort-Chaux airfield (France) from May 4th to 12th 2019.

    It is just for fly, fun and share all together….

    All types of Ultralight Gliders and all countries pilots are expected.
    Aerotowing, electric propulsion or gasoline motor takes off will be possible.
    Anyone can come from one day , few days , up to the all week. 

    The Belfort-Chaux airfield is close to Germany, Switzerland, Luxemburg, Belgium, and no so far from Italy , Austria and England.

    Thanks to the local clubs, a good logistic will be available for the pilots and their companions. (Camping on the airfield, cheap hotel and cottages renting close the airfield, club house for briefing meetings, electricity for battery and instruments charging, …)

    During an evening event, the different types of Ultralight Gliders and their performances will be presented.
    Some mornings, benji test flights will be organized for local glider pilots.

    Many nice activities possible all around the airfield and the region.

    Additional logistic details will be provided soon. So if you intend to come save the date and let me know…

    Contact :
    Michel Paté
    Belfort-Chaux Meeting organizer.
    +33 6 47 73 62 75

  • Final: 4th Southern Alps Big Task


    Finally a mixed results :

    • Not the best weather conditions for this period and for the region
    • 5 tasks on 7 not so bad, medium distances were flew between 100 and 280 km.
    • A few pilots but excellent spirit in the teams.
    • An experiment in class 2: been able to fly with free Swiftlights and electrical motor equiped.
    • A new concept of Open: the class 5 and 2 are running the same circuit except that the class  prolongate by 25 to 30% et get penalised by a 0,83 coefficient.
    • Ambiance was top, empowered volonteers, towing at the top, what else...
    • An adapted infrastructure: runways, club house, camping... 
    • A team: the meet director, scoring, comity of pilots with the required skills for the region and weather conditions associated.
    • Tasks systematicaly right sized considering the weather.

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  • Task 3,4 and 5: ALPS Big Task


    August 16, 17 and 18, respectively tasks 3,4,5.  

    Three complex days regarding the weather.

    Task 3 from a start in La Longeagne, then Pic de Queyrel with a radius of 12 km then Col de Cabre, Cousson in the South with a radius  10 km (near Digne les Bains)and back to Aspres for the rigids in total 182 km. The class 2  prolongated to Pic de Bure, Crête des Selles, back in Aspres so in total 236 km.  Jacques won this task in class 2, I finish 2nd not being able to turn in Pic de Bure due to the rain (I had to come back using my electric motor). In classe 5, only Patrick came at the goal. Very tricky meteo condotions for this region... 

    Task 4 was specialy short due to risk of thunderstorms. 137 km for the class 2 and 109 km for the rigids. I won this task in front of Jacques, Toni won just before Patrick in rigids. We came in goal just before the thunderstorms. Again a very good choice of task regarding the conditions. With Jacques we turned the circuit with an average speed of 60 km/h, a real race very close during the flight we operated two differents strategies on the last leg and it payed off for me.   

    Task 5 also reduced due to weather conditions. We launched early like yesterday 11:15 for the first pilot with a start at 12:15. The circuit was a 161 km for class 2 and 133 km for class 5. Again a race to goal for all. We were obliged to stop the task on the return near Aujour due to great risks of thunderstorms on the last waypoint. I won again with some points in front of Jacques and Patrick won in class 5. Finally we could have turned the circuit, the thunderstorms didn't break down but safety is key. 

    The results are online on the site f the FFVL :

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  • Task 2 Big Task


    Task 2: August 15 of 2018

    The good weather is back., the day of yesterday didn't allow a great task. retour; A quite insrtable air mass with a lot of shaking thermals, not easy to understand this aerology.  The class 5 had to run a 144 km task:  Col de Cabre, Col ST Jean, Monges, Aujour, Pic de Bure, goal in Aspres. The  class 2 had to do more: Col de Cabre, Aujour and back to Aspres so in total 187,8 km. Every day someone is doing something wrong. Today it was myself: I simply miss the start line due to a bad interpretation of my Compeo. On top with Joseph we turned one hour very low around the Rocher de Hongrie. Two rigids on goal: Patrick and Toni, Jacques made it in class 2.

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  • Task 1: 4th Southern Alps Big Task


    Task 1: 4th Southern ALPS Big Task 

    Weak weather conditions to start. After some logistics problems we are definitively ready around 11am. The first launch is at 11:45.

    The task is a  205 km for the class 5 and 275 km for the class 2. Ambitious but possible, look at the results. 

    We suggested three ranking: class5 FAI, class2 non FAI due to low number of pilots but with a specific: a mix of Swiftlight free et auxiliary electric motorisation in class2.  

    The open ranking is also new. The first part of the circuit is a common portion for all classes. The class 2 will continue for an additional portion of about 25% or 30% and will be scored with a 0,83 coefficient.  

    A difficult start for a first turnpoint near the Lac de Sainte Croix. The first glide after the start will ground mainly all the class 5 except Toni Ramauf. We decided with Jacques to fly first to Aujour, a real pitty. It took me one hour to survive in this area (100m over Savournon) even Jacques was in trouble there: a journee of aerologicals treasons as Jacques said.​ I flew with Toni up to the first turnpoint, we met Jacques on the return near Cousson: so for me about one hour late on the circuit. B2 Aujour puis B3 Pic de Bure et goal Aspres for the class 5, B4 for the class 2, B5 à la Crête de Selles, B6 Col de Pommerol near Rosans and  goal at Aspres. Only Jacques reach the goal, I landed in Serres between B5 e B6, I have to improve next days.  

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