FAI Air Sports Medal

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Recognition: FAI Air Sports Medal

A big applause to the team of ADPUL for this achievement.

Well done





Association for the development of ultralight-gliders

ADPUL be reinvented and adapts to the needs and challenges of the future.

Duiring our General Assembby 2017, we have redesigned the Borad of Management in order to fit better the wishes and ambitions of their members.

In resume we change the roles of our board members:

  • Président: Pascal Lanser
  • Vice-Pésident: Jacques Bott
  • Trésorier: Michel Paté

*De report of the General Assemby is avalaible in the website: //www.ultralight-glider.fr  unfortunately not in English

After only a faw years existence we gathered a lot of experiences and competences.  In training, organisation of competitions and events all we need to keep us motivated. This has also driven the agenda of projects for 2018.

We took decision to reshape this website and to make it a space of exchange where flows the latest news, stories and discussions between our members or the pilots interested by our action.

This new website is based on the one we did for the last World Championship Class2 in 2017. You should find there all what you need to know about our activities and you will be able to exchange and share your thoughts with other pilots. You just need to login below in the menu on the left side. 

The original site of  d'ADPUL: //www.ultralight-glider.fr stays the reference in terms of official documents, administration, training and details on membership etc...r

Pascal Lanser, Président de ADPUL

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Last edited: 12/03/2018