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Swift Light PAS cage:


-Fairing (windows have scratches)
-Capsuled fender for steered front wheel
-Bailey 175 4-stroke (18 HP), brand new overhauled (new cylinder and piston, 0 hours)
-Rocket system for rescue parachute (without parachute)
-LiFePO4 battery
-additional (redundant) electric fuel pump (switchable)
-additional 2x10 l long distance fuel tanks (alloy, switchable, removable)
-refueling-system out of cans (internal) with quick connectors
-Filser ATR 500 radio (airband) installed (removable)
-Lightspeed Zulu headset with ANR (active noise reduction) and bluetooth
-additional folding propeller (original Arplast blade shape) with stainless steel hub (adjustable pitch!) and heavy duty blade supports
-original muffler (unused)
-reinforced stainless steel muffler
-spare parts (belt, exhaust flange etc.)

My offer: € 9.000.-

€ 1.300.- (heavy duty folding propeller)
+ € 1.170.- (Radio)
+ € 870.- (Headset)

My offer: € 1.600.-

All together: € 10.000.-


Dsc 0410

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